Business & Non-Profit Services

How We Work with Successful Business & Non-Profit Organizations

We achieve the goals of our limited roster of successful businesses and non-profit organizations based on a deep understanding of their needs.  Building on that understanding we deploy our sophisticated wealth management process to work on their behalf.

We begin with a unique 5 step Consultative Client Process that helps us work toward three very important goals:

  1. To get to know you so that we thoroughly understand your organization’s motivation, values and goals
  2. To develop a long-range strategy and implement portfolios and strategies that are true to those values and goals
  3. To systematically review each folio and strategy to ensure that it stays on course as your business circumstances and the markets change

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Our Consultative Client Process

Our Client Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy

Once you have become a client, we will serve as your personal Chief Financial Officer by keeping you apprised of what is happening with your money, alerting you to any factors that may influence your situation, and making recommendations on the smartest ways to help you meet your goals.

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