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New IRS Ruling Eases Plan-to-Plan Rollover of Assets

In an effort to ease the administrative burden placed on plan sponsors and to foster portability of retirement savings for plan participants, the IRS has issued guidance that simplifies the

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Bequest or Beneficiary In Estate & Investment Planning, The Difference Is Crucial

When planning your estate, be sure you understand the differences between bequests spelled out in a will and beneficiary designations incorporated in retirement accounts. The scenario plays out over and

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Role Reversal: It’s Time to Talk

As Baby Boomers grow older — and presumably wiser about economic matters — more are finding themselves in a position of caretaker for elderly parents. Raising the topic of money

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Medicare and Social Security: A Good News, Bad News Story

The good news for Medicare is that the program’s outlook has improved considerably in the past year. According to the trustees, Medicare’s Hospital Insurance Trust Fund is in good shape

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The Real Cost of College: Crunching the Numbers

So who can afford to pay $60,000 a year for a college education? Harvard College has disclosed that the full cost of attending the venerable institution, including tuition, room and

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Employers Ramping Up Retirement Plan Features

Employers are enhancing their retirement plans and increasing access to professional investment advice in an attempt to bolster employee retirement readiness. A new study by Aon Hewitt, which polled more

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Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Whether you need travel insurance is likely to depend on your level of coverage from existing homeowner’s, medical, automobile, and life insurance policies. In many instances, travel insurance may duplicate

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I Received an Inheritance. How Is This Money Taxed?

The amount of federal estate tax typically is determined by the amount of assets within the estate and your relationship to the deceased. Spouses and Nonspouses Spouses typically may inherit

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IRS—O Retirees— 1 IRS Forced to Change IRA Rollover Rule

In January of this year the U.S. Tax Court ruled that the "once a year" IRA rollover rule applies to all of an individual’s IRAs, not to each separately. The

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Retirement Confidence Recovering Nicely

The Employee Benefit Research Institute’s (EBRI) annual Retirement Confidence Survey found a marked increase in retirement confidence among workers with higher household incomes who also participate in one or more

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