How We Differ from a Stockbroker

We are an independent fee-based  registered investment advisory firm. This is quite different from a stockbroker or a wirehouse financial consultant.

As an independent fee-based advisor our firm’s revenue comes solely from the clients we assist. We are compensated in the same way your accountant or attorney is compensated. Our income is derived from clients through fees deducted from managed accounts each quarter. We also may receive a flat rate fee for particular work or bill by the hour.  We disclose ahead of time the method of compensation and the amount or rate if known.

A broker on the other hand, earns commissions each time you buy or sell an investment.

As your advisor, we design your portfolio with an asset allocation strategy that reflects your personal situation – your financial goals, attitude toward risk and time period for investing. We also explore beyond investing into other areas-such as insurance and estate planning. We conduct our own research and due diligence to ensure the investments selected for you meet your needs.

This differs from a stockbroker who often relies on research conducted by the brokerage  firm that holds his securities license. Sometimes, the interest of the broker may not be aligned with yours because of an incentive to sell one product over another.

Unlike a broker, the advice we offer is not based on transactions. It is centered on an ongoing relationship with you. Our only incentive is to provide you noncommissioned products and services that are based on your needs. We have no conflict of interest.

We are regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and in accordance with federal law we must, and do, act as a fiduciary with your best interest at the heart of all our recommendations.

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